Course Description

Course Description

This training course (Java Agent Edition - Self Training) aims to familiarize you with JENNIFER 5. The training course consists of several exercises that cover the basis of JENNIFER 5, you will learn how to install and configure JENNIFER agent/server, how to use JENNIFER for problem determination and analysis. 

You will read the exercise description and follow the steps on the system on you will setup during the training.

Table Of Contents (Summary)

Chapter 1 Getting Started

This chapter introduces the training course and help you set up the demo environment 

Chapter 2 Installation

This chapter covers JENNIFER installation, you will learn how to install JENNIFER server and JENNIFER agent.

Chapter 3 Real-Time Monitoring

This chapter covers Real Time Monitoring functionality and capabilities of JENNIFER

Chapter 4 Analysis

This chapter shows how to use JENNIFER for analysis 


Training Package Contents 

The training package -which can be downloaded from the menu on the right side- contains the following : 

  1. Exercise Sheet
  2. Sample Applications that will be used though the training ( 2 Applications)
  3. Street tool to simulate requests on the applications 

Course Files

  • Hands on Lab Size: 5 MB

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