Vinoth Sivakumar

Jennifer agent connection from kubernetes to Physical jennifer server

Jennifer agent connection from kubernetes to Physical jennifer server , I Have installed agent with application using Docker and deployed to Kubernetes cluster, to connect the Jennifer server which h...


Slow Response when displaying metrics

Hi Members and Team, We are monitoring clustered gateway of a large number API servers we have clubbed them through Virtual IP and, when ever the traffic goes beyond certain limits like say 5000 requ...


About Jennifer Licence

Hello, I Want to ak something, Is the license service periodical? I mean, when we buy this Application, will we pay just once ? Or do I pay every year ?

amina allorah

Jboss datasource exception with jennifer 5.x agent

Hi, i am trying to configure the jennifer 5.x agent on Jboss EAP 7, where i have configured MySql datasource while starting the container i am getting exception "java.sql.SQLException: java.lang.No...


JENNIFER5 Applicable scope

Hello, JENNIFER5 has there versions. For Java, .Net, and PHP Java means J2EE project. But,such as NODE.JS , INTRA-MART (SCRIPT JS) project is pure JS programming language. using JENNIFER5 for J...

Daniel Knezevic

.so file fails to load (endianness issue?)

Hi there, I'm struggling with setting up my Jennifer agent; I'm getting the error below when my agent tries to load my .so file. I have tried both the libs that were included in the agen...

Raghavendiran Sudhakaran

JMX configuration

Hello, I am trying to setup Jennifer(v5.2.2.4) with a spring boot application. All monitoring & metrics are appearing file except DB connections. I have enabled JMX on my boot app by adding the bel...

Kevin Chan

Backup/Restore through CLI

Hi, I was wondering if there was any way to backup/restore Jennifer data through CLI or REST api. I know we can do it through the Web GUI according to the Jennifer 4.5 user guide, but I'd like to...

song song

Jennifer real time monitoring doesn't show anything

Hi, I have installed Jennifer for some java applications. After the installation, I can see new instances are added. But when I tried to access my applications, I can not see anything on the das...

Guest User

What does THREAD-INIT (Keep-Alive-Timer) indicates ?

Hi My question is about thread handling of Java( or Tomcat?) shown in Jennifer profile text.I am building web application wrriten in Java, driven by Tomcat 6.0.I recently update to Jennifer5 for...

Guest User

I noticed that queue has continuously been saved on JENNIFER, however, I could not see any log at WAS.

The queue started to be pilled up around 8:30, but I could not see any log at WAS. Please refer to the partial dump log below from the JENNIFER. I would like to know what it means. Dump Time: 2015102...

Guest User

I noticed the JEUS DBCP error under the JEUS.

I downloaded your demo version before buying the APM. When I calling the DBCP on the JEUS setting, however, I noticed an message of JEUS DBCP failure. The DB has not been processed properly on Servlet...

Guest User

once installed the JENNIFER, I noticed an error with jeus.

Hi. I downloaded the temporary license and installed, but I noticed an error like below. Exception Details: Location: oracle/jdbc/driver/PhysicalConnection.createClobWithUnpickledBytes([B)Loracle/sql...

Guest User

I am not able to initiate the JENNIFER 5 data service.

I ran the reg_service.bat-nc on cmd. But I noticed an error message of 3534, saying the JENNIFER could not start up the service. the java 8 was installed on the server. Maybe the error has something t...

Guest User


‘hi. I have been researching the JENNIFER PHP. Would it be possible to use JENNIFER not on the Apache server, but on the Nginx environment? Edit | Delete

Guest User

About query data

Hi. I am with 11st shopping mall. I was wondering if JENNIFER would allow me to see the active query on different system once such query is stored on DB.

Guest User

how to search SQL at the Tibero DB.

While I have been using the Tibero DB, I was able to find the real-time monitoring DB once I applied the options below on the agent initial option. connection_trace_class=com.tmax.tibero.jdbc.TbConne...

Guest User

text monitoring after the license became expired.

Hi. As far as I know, I would not be able to monitor once the license is over. But I received texts or emails including ERROR_PROCESS_DOWN, WARNING_SYSTEM_CPU_HIGH. Which features I could do monitorin...

Guest User

about supporting the Tibero DB

1.Among the supporting list for DB monitoring, I do not see the Tibero in it. Would it be possible to monitor with Tibero DB in a way that it could monitor to the level of Oracle? 2.the price was list...

Guest User

I would like to ask about the jennifer5 View error.

Hi. While I was installing the JENNIFER 5 on our AIX server, the view server suddenly stopped working. The view server is working under the log, however, I noticed an error when I accessed the 7900 po...