Vinoth Sivakumar Jennifer agent connection from kubernetes to Physical jennifer server , I Have installed agent with application using Docker and deployed to Kubernetes cluster, to connect the Jennifer server which has installed in VM, not able to find any logs of errors.. agent has started when the application starts.., SO not sure where it is blocking . 019-04-23/07:52:51 [DEBUG] [I013] Data server connection is closed, retry after 4000ms 2019-04-23/07:52:55 [DEBUG] [I001] [COMMON:DEBUG:jennifer.nio.ByteStreamReadWriteRunner$2] Closing connection is reserved: reason=Invalid face is detected,connection=Local:***.***.**.**:46476-Remote:***.**.***.*:5000
Khalid Saeed

Hi Vinoth, 

I am not sure what might went wrong. the logs snippet you provided indicates that there might be a network issue that causes a problem in transmitting the data between the agent and the server.

Are you able to see the agent on JENNIFER dashboard? 

If possible, could you please attach Jennifer server logs as well as agent logs.