Raghavendiran Sudhakaran


I am trying to setup Jennifer(v5.2.2.4) with a spring boot application. All monitoring & metrics are appearing file except DB connections. I have enabled JMX on my boot app by adding the below options:





On Jennifer, under monitoring > JMX(Connection Pool), I have set the WAS type as TOMCAT_8. I can see that the JMX state is marked with a red sign. So, I understand the reason for no data under DB connections. What am I missing here. Is there some setting required on the agent side to notify the JMX port?

Thanks in advance!

Raghavendiran Sudhakaran

I have the below setting as well. And I am able to connect via jconsole and check my app's behavior.  

Khalid Saeed


Aplogizes for the late reply. There was an issue with the notification server and i did not see this post till now.

Which version of tomcat you are using?

TOMCAT_8 settings is used for specific build  of Tomcat 8,  you should set the settings TOMCAT_7.

Can you also check the agent logs and see if there are any erros/messaes when you set the JMX connection pool settings 


Raghavendiran Sudhakaran

Hi Khalid,

We fixed the issue by removing the WAS_TYPE setting. Although I am not sure how this resolved the issue, currently, the DB connection status can be seen properly on Jennifer. 

Thank you! 

Raghavendiran Sudhakaran

P.S: We are using Spring boot embedded tomcat and the version is 8.5.X.