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My question is about thread handling of Java( or Tomcat?) shown in Jennifer profile text.I am building web application wrriten in Java, driven by Tomcat 6.0.I recently update to Jennifer5 for 4 and still having some adjusting time to the new version. It looks like my application taking time initizalizing thread dealing with SQL EXECUTE. Besides this situation, SQL transaction time does seems to be quite fast so I assume the cause, therefore, should be either thread handling itself or Tomcat - DB connectivity. How 


[0057][13:13:18 946][ 0][ 0] THREAD-INIT (Keep-Alive-Timer)

[0058][13:13:42 575][23,629][ 30] SQL-EXECUTE [3 ms]

Q1. What does "THREAD-INIT (Keep-Alive-Timer) " exactly mean?

Q2. What are the possible causes making  "THREAD-INIT (Keep-Alive-Timer) " consuming so much time?
      Is there any common case?

Q3. Is there any method that I can further look at what's happening in "THREAD-INIT (Keep-Alive-Timer) "?
     because there is no details with that other than thread ID. It would be better if I can see whether the thread initialized by
     THREAD-INIT (Keep-Alive-Timer) is dealing with Runnable or timed-wait thread.

Khalid Saeed


The thread inforamtion is shown as THREAD-STATUS(THRAD_NAME), so in this case the Keep-Alive-Timer thread is initialized and that is what does THREAD-INIT (Keep-Alive-Timer) means. 

You can use the Threads menu to monitor the treads, you can access it by switiching to Anlysis View and select Threads from the menu on the left.