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When I looked at the initiated contents of an application, I noticed that the last line (0006 END )took more than 2 seconds. I would like to know what it indicates. The application takes time only when a number of simultaneous users increase at a moment. Other parts including query have been processed right away, however, the END took time. I could not see the END at the profile.
- WAS environment : WebToB, JEUS6.x
- DB : oracle 10
182][ 1][ 0] FETCH[1/1] 183][ 1][ 0] CLOSE-CONNECTION 286][2,103][ 0] END

Khalid Saeed

It took 2.103 second from beginning CLOSE Connection to ending related transaction. A logic in the middle of process caused the delay. If such delay occured without any irregular conditions, you could assume that close connection took much time. You might want to check the time of getConnection at conducted applications in similar timeline. In addition, you need to find what caused the delay from pool.