Guest User

Hi. I am using the JENNIFER 4.6.2.
I recently increased the size of heap memory to 1024, however, I noticed disconnection frequently before increasing the size.
I have not used it a lot than before. It would be much helpful If you could elaborate what caused the problem. Or only I felt it that way.

Khalid Saeed

It could be a handful of reasons why you noticed the disconnection.
-when the JENNIFER server is being delayed,
please check the log of the server. The server saves the data every 10 minutes. Check to see if there is delay or multiple agents are connected to single server.
-when the size of client heap memory is not enough,
you need to give enough amounts of heap memory at the client if you need to monitor multiple objects.
-when the network is not stable.
There is nothing much you can do on the JENNIFER.