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hi. There is a screen showing the html inside the JSP. The html is to show the category view of shopping mall. Usually, ROPEN html takes 0.2 seconds. But sometimes it takes 5 to 9 seconds. If the Category is selected at html, you said DB would query on related Category ID. This would take much time. I thought ROPEN indicates time that reads static file. If other logics are conducted inside the html, time conducting such logic are supposed to be shown on the SQL of application or socket. I would like to know if ROPEN html is just to read the static file or to include the time conducting logic inside the html.

Khalid Saeed

Like you said, it is the time reading the file. You assumed the html could not be the reason that time took much longer because it is static file. But there could be other reasons taking much time. For instance, if the gap time is bigger, class or method that have not been profiled by JENNIFER might take much longer time.
if the file name is made as html type, but it is functioning as actual application, the file could be shown on the profile with time.