Guest User

Hi. I would like to ask you a question about heap dump.
OS : Windows2008
WAS : Weblogic10.x
JDK : 1.6.0_45
DB : MS-SQL 2008
I searched a large amount of data at the server using JENNIFER monitoring. A developer accidently searched the entire table without applying any condition. (table size: over 2 GB) Due to the limited size of heap memory at WAS, the server suddenly stopped. I was wondering if the JENNIFER keep piling up the searched data through jdbc drive. I never had anything like this before at a server not using the JENNIFER monitoring.

Khalid Saeed

JENNIFER does not keep the heap dump internally. But you could identify a transaction having lots of fetch. You can do so in real-time or statistics. You are only allowed to check the result once the transaction is completed under the statistics. A problem you noticed during the process of searching large amounts of data has nothing to do with JENNIFER.