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I’d like to ask about the http_post_request_tracking_list option using in JENNIFER3.2.

Because I want to see certain parameters’ transaction data in the X-View using URL filter as I set in the url_additional_request_keys option.

When I changed the url_additional_request_keys option setting, the change was updated immediately. But,the http_post_request_tracking_list option is not changed even though I restarted the WAS again.

I’m using WebLogic 7.0 and JENNIFER

I expect your early reply concerning this matter.

Khalid Saeed

The url_additional_request_keys option includes the http_post_request_tracking_list option and this option is not checked in the Statistics and X-View menu. Therefore, if you want to monitor the request key in real-time, use the http_post_request_tracking_list option.

For example, if you set the option like http_post_request_tracking_list = reqName, a, b, the request key is shown as a type of /sample/jarcheck.jsp+(a=txid1&b=txid2&reqName=javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet) and it is also shown as /sample/jarcheck.jsp in the X-view and Statistics.

But, if you set it like url_additional_request_keys = reqName, a, b, you will see the request like the /sample/jarcheck.jsp+(a=txid1&b=txid2&reqName=javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet) activer service, X-View and statistics.