Guest User

Hi. While I have been using the JENNIFER 4.6.2, I would like to ask you a couple of questions.
1) as far as I know, the JENNIFER 5 was launched last year. I would like to know how you would handle a license or cost if I decided to go with the JENNIFER 5 from the 4.6.2 version. If I have a license for 4.6.2, does it mean I could get the new version without additional cost or do I need to purchase the new version with its license?
2) I used to backup a part of files and installed a new version. Then, I put the backup file into where it was used to be located. When initiating the JENNIFER, the server would start initiating the upgrade. Will it be ok to expect the same way from 4.6.2 to 5? Or do I need to go through a different process?

Khalid Saeed

The architecture and storage structure have been remarkably changed in JENNIFER 5.
1. JENNIFER 5 was launched this year. If you contracted with our maintenance policy, you do not need to pay any other payment including the license fee. But you might need to expect additional cost for the build up since the upgrade would changed the entire software. It is almost like making something entirely new software.
2. you need to expect to install the whole new software as the architecture and storage structure have been totally changed.