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I would like to know the correlation between the number of real-time active service and the server. Please refer to the attached file that would show the number of real-time active server and the speed meter. The red line indicates that one user clicked a search button for one time, but the user did not wait until the response result would come from the server. The user clicked the button over 9 times.

1. Question

Will it be ok to say the total number of active server is 10 at the 118th server? Or since it is in red color, the number would be at least 80?
While using the TOMCAT server, even the single user is indicated as red color. I do not know what to do to fix the problem other than simply rebooting the server.

When 15 red-colored bars continue to exist for 1 minute at the speed meter, the server of the red-colored bar is rebooted as the server is duplicated. When rebooted, the service of red-colored would be transferred to another server, however, the number of the bar continues to decrease to be in normal status.

2. question
I might need to conduct a load test to know what caused the problem, but I was wondering if I could just know the root cause by monitoring. In what number of real-time active service the server needs to be rebooted?

Khalid Saeed

1. The number of active service is 10. Not sure why you think it is 80. What you could know from this stage is just the number of real-time service. In other words, the number of application where the TOMCAT received the request while the response has not been sent. Just because you rebooted the TOMCAT, it does not mean the related requests would be moved to another server. They would be gone when the TOMCAT goes down.

2. The server could take the maximum number of thread under the TOMCAT. The JENNIFER does not have any influence on the result. I suggest you could use the PLC of JENNIFER. When a problem occurs at a certain application, you could reject such problem if the number of active service is over a certain level. Please refer to the manual for more detail.