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Hi. I have questions to ask. While using the JENNIFER, I noticed an error at two of our affiliates. Two companies are under similar environment.

OS : Linux server
WAS : Tomcat and web logic 12c.
JENNIFER version : I tried with 4.6.0 and 4.6.2 version as well. But still notice the same problem.

All of sudden, WAS became hang up. While JVM is in the process, the task screen became stopped. I noticed a sign of STOPPED on the JENNIFER screen. Even if I applied the kill-3 PID at the Linux telnet, the thread dump has not been dropped. (nothing changed. It was well dropped before the WAS became hang up.) The heap memory did not increase before the WAS became hang up. The heap dump is not dropping while the thread dump has not been left. I do not know what to do.

According to a person in charge of the webpage, he had not seen such problem before installing the JENNIFER. The problem irregularly occurs. I am not sure the problem directly relates with the JENNIFER. Have you experienced similar case on a website with JDK 1.7?
lwst.setup.jdk7.jar and lwst.boot.jdk7.jar have been applied.

Can you at least tell how could I analyze the root cause? (situation that thread dump does not work with kill-3.) thanks for your support.

Khalid Saeed

If you have not experienced any kind of error like this before installing the JENNIFER, the software could be a part of causing the error. You might want to change a way of installation. But first, you need to change in a way that you could do monitoring. Please apply the following two options under the 4.6.2 version.
if you used the 4.6.2 to set up the file, you would be able to find the options below from the setting file.

You need to block all the options above and try again.
Instead, you could change the status of enable_non_lwst_context_monitoring into true as the option is only responsible for monitoring based on the datasource.