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Hi. I would like to know what colon means between fields below.

Client IP,
calling time of call stack
Active-Service Status,
in addition, please explain each field separated by colon.
D: sql:3 fchtd:::8d60df55fbd0d3e:AJP-1205

What do you mean by sql:3? The related thread have called the sql for three times? What exactly the time located right next to the client IP means? Thanks.

Khalid Saeed

D:client ip:starting date of transaction:response time until the point of snapsot:cpu usage :status:URL:1sql query:3fetch.
:JCONCD:/xxx/xxx/xxxx/xxx/xxxx/xxxx:::1 sql:3 fchtd:::8d60df55fbd0d3e:AJP-1205