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I am not able to monitoring the sql. DB is oracle. I am using the jndi provided by web logic.
Also using the spring provided by Electronic Information Frame Work with MyBatis. Do not have get connection. Please explain how to set an environment.

Khalid Saeed

There are two ways to fix the problem.
1. please activate the option below from the agent option.
jdbc_datasource_class = weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.RmiDataSource

By applying the option, you will be able to unlock the #. If there are other unlocked items, you need to block them.
2. change the agent option below from false to true.
enable_non_servlet_thread_jdbc_trace. Then restart the system.
You would get a stack from the problem diagnosis→ socket, please be noted that you need to get it while the actual transaction is running. If two of those are not working, please attach the file again.

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I followed your ways and everything went normal now. Thanks for your support.