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I ran the reg_service.bat-nc on cmd. But I noticed an error message of 3534, saying the JENNIFER could not start up the service. the java 8 was installed on the server. Maybe the error has something to do with the java version? The view service worked well. Do I need to run the reg_service to initiate the service? given the log has been stacked on the agent, everything seemed to be working. But I don’t think the data has been collected properly. I even restarted the IIS.
When initiating the data service, I noticed the message like below.

jennifer_data service has been started at the local computer, but it stopped. A certain service would automatically be stopped if it finds no further tasks. (such as performance log and alert service)

Khalid Saeed

You do not need to register on the service. just go to the data server and run the startup.bat. then, you would see an error on the console or log file. You could provide the log to us.