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I have a question.

I’m using linux.

I set the agent tcp port to 7750 and 7751, but 7705 does not listen after restart the application server by executing netstat -an |grep 7750.

I can not find it in the JENNIFER server console.

The 7751 as well.

What should I do?

ps :I tried 7752,7754 and 7755 but the result was same.
But, 7753 is listened….

I’m using DUAL machine so I configure the both same but another one is not listen.
Khalid Saeed

Sorry for the late answer.

If the jennifer.jar and jennifer.config are set, it is listened as a default.

Which application server are you usin gnow? Let me know the config data.

Set the agent/tuning/jarcheck.jsp, env.jsp file in the jsp executing area in the application server.
And let me know the result.

Khalid Saeed

Of course, depending on the application server type, the port is sometimes registered to the JENNIFER server after requsting transaction.

If not, change the installation way.

Refer to the this url.