Guest User

I’m using Jennifer
After installing JDK 1.5, the screen display is slow down.
I can not search the daily x-view graph
The first image of X-View is normal but when I use the Ctrl+"+" button, the screen stops.

Did I installed the supported JDK version in Jennifer?
How can I solve the problem?

Khalid Saeed

I give version information about JDK in Jennifer Server and JRE in JENNIFER Client.

1. In case of JENNIFER Client(Browser), it supports sun jdk 1.6 and (and ms-jvm).

In case of sun jdk, max value of heap memory is 64mb. If you have some problem in daliy data search in X-View graph, it might be OutOfMemory. Increase the max value of sun jvm or use.(ms-jvm does not limit Heap memory.) Refer to the client configuration chapter in JENNIFER User’s Manual about setting instruction.

2. In case of JENNIFER Server, it supports from JDK1.4 to 1.6 version.