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Question 1. I wanted to make a graph in a report by using the PERF_HOST data. I ran the query executor and checked that the sum of the following five columns does not add up to 1.
I am curious what is the value that each of these columns should have.
Also, I am curious if this is a system problem.
I am running wmond in AIX 6.1, windows 7 and Jennifer4.0.5.3.
Question 2. Wmond displays the utilization per core but in the PERF_HOST table, there is the data for each IP address.
How can you make it represent the utilization per CPU core?

Khalid Saeed

1. wmond shows the utilization in each area of the CPU. The sum of the five columns is approximately equal to 1. The summing of the values is not supported in AIX6.1. The windows7 version is attached.
2. The entire CPU utilization for each host is saved. Not for each core.