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Hi. I have two things to ask. Please see the two questions below. Those are not always happening. I sometime notice them on x-view. I guess they occurred since I upgraded the server. Where should l look first? Do I need to upgrade the client too?
1) I often notice that information at the application appeared as UNKNOWN URL.
application: UNKNOWN URL
2) A lot of time I noticed query with null like below.
862][ 1][ 0] GET-CONNECTION DataSource.getConnection(kaonTxDS) [3 ms] 865][ 3][ 0] SQL-PREPARE_STMT{0} null param1:[A%,0,1,18,6,1,1,L,11,1,,1,1,L,3,5,,1,1,L,8,2,,0,3,ABD,0,A60,YYYYMM,00,STOCK,,0,3,ABD,0,0,YYYYMM,00,0,18,SALES_TYPE,0,]
— version information
client version:
JENNIFER server version : 4.6.2

Khalid Saeed

On your JENNIFER server, please check the tcp port connected with agent. The default setting is agent_tcp_port with 7750.