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Hi. While I was installing the JENNIFER 5 on our AIX server, the view server suddenly stopped working. The view server is working under the log, however, I noticed an error when I accessed the 7900 port using the chrome browser. And I noticed the errors below on the browser.
please refer to the attached the log from the view server. (I tried multiple times to install, but the problem still exists.)
[things I noticed during the installation]

as the /tmp directory was in full, I applied the options below to the before installing the view server.
since the server does not include the unzip tool, I unzipped the on the local window. And tied it again with tar, sent it to the server. Then, unzipped the file with tar xvf command on the server.

Khalid Saeed

It looks like the system is not in the normal condition.
Jsp files and its classes would be unzipped under the /tmp/jetty-
you might want to delete the related directory. If you want to change the directory location, you need to apply like below.