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  1. Main control for PLC.If the number of active service exceeds the defined amount, the incoming
  2. requests wil be rejected to prevent service queuing, which may cause system to crash. Please set whether PLC will be used
  3. the number of maximum active service count.
    set_limit_active_service = true
    max_num_of_active_service = 500
  1. When a request is rejected by PLC, User need to define how Jennifer should handle the rejected requests.
  2. Error message can be send via string message or it can be redirected to a html page.
  3. Set how the reject message should be handled.
  4. NOTE:request_reject_type=[ message | redirect ]
  5. NOTE: jsp page such as error.jsp is not recommended since the reject may repeat there.
    request_reject_type = message request_reject_message = Current workload is high. Please, try again later!
    request_reject_redirect_url = /error.html

The above is a summary of the setting.
request_reject_redirect_url = /error.html
Where does error.html come from?
It is probably not from http://domain/error.html
Can I implement it as follows as well?
request_reject_redirect_url = http://domain/error.html

Khalid Saeed

Apart from the system you mentioned, you can register other system’s url for use.
If you want to use request_reject_redirect_url, then you must set the static page or the URL of other domain. If you use jsp or servlet, then it will be called from the PLC recursively, and as a result, the URL can be rejected as well. -JenniferSoft