Guest User

I installed JENNIFER version 4.5.2.
After installation, I tried to adjust the browser size in the JENNIFER home screen, but I couldn’t adjust the size of the JENNIFER screen as well. And, looking at the JENNIFER dash board, I found that it is slightly out of the basic frame to the right side.
After deleting the existing data in the derby DB, I reset it. As a result, I can adjust the size very well. But is this the right to way to do so?
Looking forward to your answer.

Khalid Saeed

Basically, the JENNIFER screen is adjusted to the browser size and if you assign a ratio, it will be adjusted to that ratio.
In the upper right corner of the screen, there is a zoom in/down button. Using this button you can magnify or shrink the screen by 10%. In your case, I suspect that someone changed the screen ratio but forgot to revert to the original setting.
The screen ratio set by the last user is saved in the specific table so when you log in next time, the screen ratio will be used to set the current screen size. Refer to this.