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hi. I could well see the number of calling by date at the statistical analysis→ statistical status until 3 days ago. Once I checked the server, /jennifer/data took 100 percent share. I changed it to 60 percent by deleting data for previous 3 days out of 8 days. I was expecting to see data would be piled up.
I noticed today that the number of calling has been remained at 0 from 3 days ago. Folders and files have been well created under the /jennifer/data/file/ until today. I would like to know why could I not see the graph of data? The JENNIFER is set to save data for the recent 8 days, but I would like to change it to 5 days. Can you explain where should l look into?

Khalid Saeed

You must not delete the files located under the jennnifer/data/database. You can delete the previous data under the file directory. If the directory takes 100 percent share, it appears that such DB would be broken.
You can change the setting from MONTH 1 to DAY 5 like below.

time_actor_03 = com.javaservice.jennifer.server.timeactor.CleanerActor 02 ALERT MONTH 1
time_actor_04 = com.javaservice.jennifer.server.timeactor.CleanerActor 02 ERROR MONTH 1
time_actor_05 = com.javaservice.jennifer.server.timeactor.CleanerActor 02 APPL MONTH 1
time_actor_06 = com.javaservice.jennifer.server.timeactor.CleanerActor 02 SQL MONTH 1
time_actor_07 = com.javaservice.jennifer.server.timeactor.CleanerActor 02 TX MONTH 1
time_actor_08 = com.javaservice.jennifer.server.timeactor.CleanerActor 02 PERF MONTH 1
time_actor_09 = com.javaservice.jennifer.server.timeactor.CleanerActor 02 FILE MONTH 1
#time_actor_10 = com.javaservice.jennifer.server.timeactor.CleanerActor 02 FILE:XVIEW DAY 7
time_actor_11 = com.javaservice.jennifer.server.timeactor.CleanerActor 02 REMON DAY 7
#time_actor_12 = com.javaservice.jennifer.server.timeactor.CleanerActor 02 REMON:ABC DAY 1