Guest User

I feel very incomfortable about the JenniferSoft tech-service.

I asked several things on the phone but he introduced another company’s contact info and ignored me.

I hope the JenniferSoft provide more nice service.

Khalid Saeed

My name is No-min Park in charge of tecj support at JenniferSoft.
At first, I’m very sorry to make you feel uncomfortable.

At that time, I can not provide you remote- tech support because of network problem.

So, I recommend our partner company because the company supports your company project.
I thought this way is more efficient.
If you have more question, feel free to contact me(010-4775-9038).

Guest User

I understand. Aat that time, I was in emergency situation due to the downtime of server, so I was hurried.

I’m sorry too.
Have a nice day~!!