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hi. As you told me last time, I applied the below to each client and server.
/usr/java6_64/bin/java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/app/jennifer/server/conf/ -Xms512m -Xmx3072m -Dfile.encoding=KSC5601 -Dhttp.startup.port=7900
server.encoding = KSC5601
But Korean language has been transformed. What type of encoding do I need to choose at an internet browser? I do not see KSC5601.
=TO BE== LOCK_CD ,Y.ORDER_RTN_CLSSF_CD /* ??? ??? ??? ??? */ =AS IS===
LOCK_CD ,Y.ORDER_RTN_CLSSF_CD /* 주문 ë°?í?? ë¶?ë¥? ì½?ë?? */
UTF8 encoding has been applied to all WAS.

Khalid Saeed

You need to check the sqls table at the query. If you find the language is transformed at its result, please delete data at related table and restart the system.