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Thanks for your sincere answer. I did ask you a wrong question. What I would like to ask is that would it be possible to see the difference between the call count and the number of transaction. Thanks for your support.

Khalid Saeed

I don’t think you could see the call count on the JENNIFER menu. The hit count indicates the number of executed applications. I am not sure where exactly did you see it on a menu, but you might see the difference among hit counts inside the JENNIFER. There are two ways that JENNIFER collects the data. JENNNIFER collects the number of transaction came through udp or collect the application statistics by requesting an agent in a certain period (10 minutes). The number of calling used on the menu shows the result based on an order came in first through udp, however, the application detailed data applies the second method. If WAS where a JENNIFER server or an agent was installed is rebooted, such number could be different.
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