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I hava a question about the JENNIFER.
While monitoring the systme through the JENNIFER, the systme CPU utilization graph sometimes goes upto 99-100%.(refer to the attached file)
This error does not occurs for the total system but for the certain server.
I wonder that I made a mistake in setting the configuration velue while installing the JENNIFER agent.

About attached, I captured the screen after accessing to the system CPU utilization, telnet and executing the TOP.

The first attached file,
JENNFIER dashboard=CPU utilization- 99~100%
Telnet =CPU IDEL is 56.4%

The second attached file,
JENNFIER dashboard=CPU utilization-0% ??
Telnet =CPU IDEL is 88%

Khalid Saeed

The file is not correct. Please input the other file in the agent/jni/OS/ directory. If not, compile the file directly.