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I want to monitor some JAVA Application Daemon by using your APM. I want to check the status such as Active Thread Services and so on. Is it possible?
I am also if there is some kind of user manual that details the setting. Thanks in advance.

Khalid Saeed

In case of general JAVA applications, you can use the tx_server option of the JENNIFER agent to configure the start point of application service.
The following is a simple explanation of how to install it.
1. lwst40 build ( jdk1.5 or lower, then use the safe option.)
./ jdk15 $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/rt.jar
2. Add the following options to the JAVA options.
3. Add the file to the library path.
4. Set tx_server in AA.conf.
For more details on how to set tx_server, please, refer to the manual, “6.2.2. General Java Application”.