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Thank you for your time.
When I run a specific application, I get the following message.

391][ 0][ 0] START 391][ 0][ 0] listner_sugang-hth0(localhost:9900)-w14 [container3-19][native:4f53] 393][ 2][ 0] GET-CONNECTION DataSource.getConnection[jdbc/haksa] [1 ms] 394][ 1][ 0] SQL-PREPARE_STMT{0} [1 ms] SELECT ..deleted for the security reason param1:[W02008,W02019,W02041,W02018,YYYYMMDDHH24MI,1,] 273][ 2][ 2] SQL-EXECUTE{1} [2 ms] param1:[W02008,W02019,W02041,W02018,YYYYMMDDHH24MI,1,] param2:[‘200’] 273][ 0][ 2] FETCH[0/1] 273][ 0][ 2] CLOSE-CONNECTION 465][11,192][ 0] END

At a glance, the DB connection and the query execution time look good. However, what does the ‘gap time’ at the end imply?
Is that the finishing time after executing a query? Looking forward to your reply.

Khalid Saeed

The GAP time is simply the time interval between the previous line and the current line.
When the GAP time exists, there are two possibilities. First, after actual closing of the connection, there can be some kind of logics before “END”. Second, the delay can be caused by the JDBC connection.
I think in your case, the JDBC is causing the GAP time.
Also, careful observation is required to tell whether it occurs when there are lots of transactions or whether there is a line in queue in X-view. 11 seconds is a very long time for active service. It is a probably good idea to check the thread dump at the time.