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Hi. I have one thing to ask. When profiling with JENNIFER, I often refer to files located at jdk/jre/lib/security/cacerts.
most of them became ROPEN, but sometimes it takes about 20 seconds to do so. (there was no gap until such profiling became ROPEN. I did not notice any business logic. I am pretty sure ROPEN caused the delay.)

the related source calls org.apache.http.client.methods.HttpPost.HttpPost(String uri) method. The uri calls with http, not https. Our webpage communicates by http, and the other party’s webpage is called by http. As far as I know, JENNIFER refers to cacerts file to verify the ssl certification. But I do not know why logs keep piling up under the http communication. Have you noticed this kind of error before? If so, please tell me what to do to fix it. Thanks.

Khalid Saeed

The gap time indicates the time starting from the right previous line to the starting point of current line. There must be a reason delaying the gap. The delay could occur if JENNIFER did not profile at the longest gap time. I see a part connecting to socket. You need to apply org.apache.http.client on your profile. You can set it as profile_prefix. If you see too much results, you can extend them to bottom paragraph.