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Hi. I have a few things to ask.
1. Processing ratio
I would like to get a result like below example.
Among the 100 callings during 5 minutes, the number of cases taking more than 3 seconds is 5. The response time is indicated as average, what should I do to get the result I expect?

2. Transaction failure ratio
I would like to see how many transactions are failed. But I do not understand how to see the ratio. I reviewed the JENNIFER manual, but still don’t get it. The JENNIFER is 4.5.5.

Khalid Saeed

1. There is no such a thing as transaction rate of response time. I assume you would like to know the number of applications taking more than 3 seconds, and the response time. You will not be able to see them under the existing version. The feature has been newly added to the latest version. You can register the stat_xview_slow_data.jsp on the menu to use.

2. The following lists are regarded as failure by JENNIFER.
You can check the list by clicking statistical analysis→ application.