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I installed JENNIFER 4.5. I can successfully check XVIEW, cpu, and memory in real time.
However, I can’t see any information related to the past.
Only the real time data is checked but all the previous data is shown as “zero.”
My environment is Zeus 6 / jdk 1.6 64bit / aix.
I started operation without changing any options on the JENNIFER server side. As a result, no previous data is recorded.
How can I fix this problem?
I am looking forward to your answer.

Khalid Saeed

Why don’t you check the JENNIFER server log?
Below the logs directory, there are the catalina.out, file and the jennifer.log file. You need to check these files.
Also, please check if there is no old data log accumulated in the data directory at all.
If everything is normal, then below the data directory, you will find the database, file, & pta directories where the number of files within them consistently increases.
If your disk is full, or if more than one session of the same JENNIFER server are executed, the problem can occur.