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Jennifer will allow you to monitoring the tuxedo including pq,psr,pclt,psc, entire TPS and response time of service. for now, you could use the RmAgent. Please go to the agent/rmagent/tux directory to collect the data and change the, in a way that they would fit into your system environment. The display of the JENNIFER could be edited on the dashboard. JENNFIER will not be able to show the information received from different servers as a single graph.

I searched the tuxedo on this Q&A section and found the above. According to your response, you mentioned “you could monitor the pq,psr,pclt,psc, entire TPS and response time of services.” Since you posted it in the year of 2010, I was wondering if there has been any change or update. If there is any change on the range of support, I would like to know. Also, I would like to know which JENNIFER display applies to which terminology. (pq, psr, pclt, psc, entire TPS and response time of services.) I already know the TPS and response time, however, I need to know which part of display matches with pq or psr.
Since I get used to using the JENNIFER, I would like to keep using it. Thanks.

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Remon has been used in your case. In other words, the extracted values from tuxedo commands such as pq,psr,pclt or psc to make as a script.
This feature has only been initiated on a certain website, I am not sure such feature still exists. There were no changes at that point. We do not provide related script or remon anymore.
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You said that you do not provide related script or remon anymore. Does is mean that I am allowed to apply the JENNIFER to the tuxedo? Or do you have an alternative way?