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OS : AIX 5.3
I’m using Weblogic 8 version.
Start files are and
At first, there was no problem when I started but, when I operated, it was stopped at the part of read OK. So I created lwst30.zos13.jar file.

Now, is working well, but has some problem where lwst30.log file is left after read OK.

I restarted WAS by excluding lwst30.zos13.jar file in Xbootclasspath.
What is the problem?

Here are attached lwst30.log and Weblogic log file.
I look forward your quick answer.

Khalid Saeed

I think such problem might occur randomly. The problem occurs only in the IBM H/W. I’m sorry we couldn’t find out the root cause of the problem.

Create parameter as zos13 and use it. The reserved option, zos13 is another way to hook ClassLoader and you can use it without any restriction.