Guest User

Would you provide more friendly customer service when a user asks free license key?

I know you are so busy, but I think you need to be more friendly.

I feel sorry to write such feedback but I hope JenniferSoft provides good cunsumer service because I a big fan of JENNIFER and Javaservice net community. .

Guest User

Thank you for your high interests about JENNIFER and Javaservice net.

We always pay attention to a lot of customers’ opinions and keep you message,’BE MORE FRIENDLY’ in our mind. And JenniferSoft apolosizes about such dissatisfactive customer service.

We try to be more friendly when user asks something.

And we will provide a special customer service (not for anyone) for you as a kind of reward.

Benefits are..

1) You are registered as a Special Customer. We will send a T-shirt and cell-phone cleaner with beautiful JENNIFER logo described. Would you leave your name like ‘feedback man’ and address.

2) In the past, if you failed to try JENNIFER, we will generate 4 weeks of free licence keys. Please apply it in our home page again. When you leave your basic information, please write’ Feedback Man or Woman’*.

3)When you apply JENNIFER seminar or education service, we will offer priority.

We will always try to think about ‘customer mind’.

Have a nice day!!