Guest User

hi. after upgrading the JENNIFER, i noticed the usage rate of CPU was increased when WAS appeared.
i would like to share the difference between old and new version.

old version (4.5.): java_opts with lwst.javaagent
-CPU usage rate would not be dramatically increased.
current version (4.6.2): java_opts with jennifer.javaagent
when running WAS, CPU usage rate increased to 80%. it went down after WAS was fully loaded.
can you explain what caused such difference?

Khalid Saeed

when installed with jennifer.javaagent, cpu usage rate could slightly go up. but it must not be going up to 80%. For lwst.javaagent, modules would already be loaded at bootclass. Jennifer.agent would conduct the entire process without applying anything on the bootclasspath. for this reason, it might take much share of CPU.