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I faced some problem while using the JENNIFER.

ExecuteThread: ‘42’ for queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default’
GET-CONNECTION DataSource.getConnection() [577912ms] —> (Problem 1)
SOCKET-ISTREAM Socket[addr=, port=1521, localport=44201]
SOCKET-OSTREAM SOCKET[addr=, port=1521, localport=44201]
GET-CONNECTION DataSource.getConnection() [2ms]

The problem is 1. It takes much time in getConnection stage and can not take Connection.
I guess it is because of Invalid Connection.
When such Invalid Connection happens?

While I am monitoring, the initial value of web application server Connection Pool was 50, but the connected pool from the DB to JDBC Driver was 20.

In the Xview,

[23,345ms] param1: …..
FETCH [10/10]

FETCH [10/10] → Dose it mean the 10 appicatios are fetched?
FETCH [281/291] —> What does it mean?

Question : Is 23,345ms SQl time or Fetch time?
When I searched DB, the SQL execution time is not too long.
If 23,345ms is fetch time, I can not understand.

Please reply to my answer.
Thanks in advance.

Khalid Saeed

As for the first question, it took more than 500 seconds in DataSource.getConnection(). At first, you need to check JDBC Connection is closed through JENNIFER. If this problem continues even though they are closed well, you need javacore. Did you check DB point through netstat? In JENNIFER, you have to count the number of OracleDriver object within JVM.

As for the second question, check LWST status and 6703 port is opened if there is firewall between WebLogic and Jennifer Server. (server_udp_lwst_call_stack_port) One more, remove # in enable_non_servlet_thread_jdbc_trace = true option of agent config and restart weblogic.

Answer 1 First figure means the number of fetched cases in the query and second figure is accumulated fetch cases in the thread. Answer 2 It is Query time.